BLU CAFFE in collaboration with Caffita manufactures espresso coffee machines with the Caffitaly system that apart from the modern and unique design, is equipped with an innovative technology that dramatically improves the quality, taste and aroma of coffee and blends easy use, lets you enjoy the pleasure of his daily coffee at home or the office with perfect cream flavor intense freshness like never before! The resulting system is a combination Caffitaly of coffee espresso machines and capsules. The capsule ensures maximum production of freshly ground coffee, as it completely filtered to obtain the final drink and hermetically sealed capsule ensures all the intense aroma. Also, the capsule of the BLU CAFFE for espresso coffee is the only one that contains 8 gr coffee. Besides coffee, with the machines Blu – Caffitaly System you can enjoy all your beverage like tea, camomila and chocolate, products available from the company BLU CAFFE.

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